Memories Uncut Survey

 Memories Uncut 
How much do you remember from your years at Wilson High School? Let’s go down memory lane together. This survey is designed for you to reminisce and share your stories. To participate, please answer the following questions. After we collect your answers, the survey results will be shared on our website (anonymously). 
 This survey ends on August 31 

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1)   Who was your favorite teacher?

What class did they teach? Share your favorite memory.
2)   Who were the 1977 Homecoming King and Queen?

3)   Who did you have a crush on in high school but never had the guts to let them know?

4)   Do you still have a secret crush from High School?

Yes No
5)   What was your funniest High School memory? Why?

6)   Did you ever have a crush on a teacher?

Yes No
7)   Who was the valedictorian of our graduating class?

8)   Did you go on the senior class trip to Atlanta, GA, and Orlando, FL?

Yes No
9)   If you answered yes, what is your funniest memory of the class trip?

10)   What was the name of our school newspaper?

  The Insider
  The Wilson Times
  The Beacon
  The Wilson Gazette Newspaper
11)   Who were our class officers? Can you name them?

12)   Who were some of the funniest people in our class?

13)   What do you remember about Mr. Durso?

Share your funniest memory.
14)   What were some of your funniest memories outside the classroom during your time at Wilson?

e.g. sports practice, extracurricular activities, spending time with school friends.
15)   Did you attend our 10 Year Reunion?

16)   If you answered yes, what was our 10 Year reunion venue?

17)   What was the dumbest thing you did in high school, and did you have fun doing it?

18)   From your high school days, what were some of your favorite songs that made you get up on the dance floor?

19)   Did you ever skip a day of school? Share one of your funniest memories of when you left the school grounds when you should have been in school.`

20)   Who are you looking forward to seeing at our 45th class reunion? If you are not attending the class reunion, who would you like to reconnect with from our class?